PEUGEOT 103 RCX SPX 12V electronic ignition - MVT Digital Direct DD 03 - Internal rotor - MVT Digital Direct Variable Digital ig

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Digital internal rotor with light function for Peugeot 103 SP MVL 12V from 2000 & RCX SPX VOGUE with Blue CDI and original electronic ignition (small cone)

- Electrical power supply: 55w.

- Discharge Tension: 42Kv.

- Rev Limit: 22.000 RPM.

- Use Range on Racing Engines : 7000/15000 RPM.

- CNC Innner rotor weight : 250g.

- Content: Inner Rotor + Stator + Diagram Control Unit + Plate + HT Coil + Fitting Set + Mounting Instructions

- Ignition timming adjustment using MVT Diagram Control Unit RJ34/6,7,8 : 0,35mm before TDP (Top Dead Point) on 45mm stroke crankshafts and 0,40mm before TDP on original 40mm stroke crankshafts.

- Ignition timming adjustment using MVT EPROM Control Unit EPROM1,2,3,4,5 : 2.9mm before TDP (Top Dead Point).


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